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Creekside Family Practice

Family Medicine located in Huntsville, AL

Your skin protects all of your internal tissues from the environment and harmful diseases. At Creekside Family Practice in Huntsville, Alabama, the expert team of doctors offers professional dermatological solutions for children and adults. Proper dermatological care is the first step in preventing skin disease and treating rashes and moles.

Dermatology Q & A

What is dermatology?

Dermatology is a medical field that treats issues relating to your skin, nails, and hair. The team at Creekside Family Practice is committed to providing expert diagnostic care to look for and treat dermatological problems.

Through a series of detailed examinations, your doctor designs a treatment plan to care for your specific needs and gives you advice on preventing dermatological issues from occurring in the future.

What do dermatological skin treatments target?

Dermatological skin treatments target specific conditions, including:

  • Rashes
  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Warts

Your doctor at Creekside Family Practice will perform an examination of your skin condition before suggesting treatment options or referring you to a dermatologist.

What do dermatological procedures involve?

Your doctor at Creekside Family Practice might recommend topical medicine, like corticosteroids, to fight against inflammation and to reduce the presence of rashes and pain induced by eczema or psoriasis.

If you’ve noticed a growth on your body, and your doctor decides it should be removed, they might choose cryotherapy to quickly remove the protrusion or schedule for complete excision to be sent to pathology.

Your doctor might also give you a prescription-strength cleanser and moisturizer to clarify your skin. Your doctor can also give you helpful advice to keep your skin healthy and clear.

When you should have a mole checked for cancer?

Generally speaking, moles are benign. If you notice a new mole, or if you’ve noticed that an existing mole has changed in size, you should book an appointment with a Creekside Family Practice physician.